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Danses enseignées Bernard

danses country enseignées greoux vinon valensole



  Saison  2010 -2011



                                   BernardClin d'œil                               




Débutant              Intermédiaire           



 Texas Stomp                                      Tush Push                                 


 Cucaracha                                           Singing the Song                    


 Cowboy Charleston                           By Pass                                        


 Cowboy strut                                      Irish stew                                


 Easy Come Easy Go                             Spirit of the hawk                 

  El Paso                                                All shook up                            


 D H S S                                                 Eastbound'and down             


 Cheyenne                                            Down on the corner               


 Stroll along cha cha                     Quarter after one                      


 Grundy gallop                                               Pizzirico                         


  Once upon a time                              Wave on Wave                            


   Black velvet                                                                         Porushka poranya                              


   God Blessed Texas.doc                     Country drive                                     



    Forever green                                    Island in the stream


 Come Dance with me                        Billy's dance


   Seminole Wind


 Billy line dance



















Bernard  2009, 2010                                                                    



    Doctor Doctor

     Lightning Polka

     Poruska Poranya

    Singing The Song


    Wave on Wave

     Lucky Friends 

     Somebody like you

    The Word




       Danses fun
   _Cotton eyed joe
    _La chapelloise
_    Wanderer

     _Quesi Queno

_     Black velvet

Débutants  et Gréoux
_Cowboy boogie
_Lindy shuffle
_Twist and shake
_Cowboy Charleston
_Cowboy Strut
_Duck Soup
_Walk of Life
_Cut a Rug

_Country Walkin

_T'morrow never knows

_hooked on country

_Red hot salsa

_Rodéo Blues

_Wild stallion

  Line danse 

_Southern Delight
_Looking at you
_Big Bambo
_Start to Sway

_Break Away

_Bossa Nova


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